‘Madge the Mermaid’ is my first book. It was born out of a visit to see friends in Perranporth, Cornwall. Whilst there, I came across the ‘Perranporth Mermaid’ – a mermaid made from washed up materials from the beach.

She had come from people’s imaginations and, struck by her colourfulness, I knew straight away I wanted to use mine to bring her to life for children.

Recycling is a strong theme in my workshop and teachers use my visit to enhance their own teaching on recycling / green issues.

I show pupils pictures of the mermaid and her husband and baby, showing creative uses of disgarded items.

In chapters 1 and 2 of my book, I describe how Madge is made from such things washed up on the beach.

Following my visit, some schools have made their own mermaids made from recycled materials – old cereal boxes, crisp packets and margarine tubs etc.

Other classes have written creative stories which they have then put into mermaid bottles they designed.

Other schools have made colourful wall displays to show off their writing and recycling topics.

What could your school do?

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