I offer a fun and educational workshop to primary schools aimed at inspiring writing and creativity.

I have a DBS certificate and have visited over 150 schools, speaking to thousands of pupils, mainly in Years 3 and 4. All these sessions have proved very successful, please see testimonials of several teachers below.

Prior to my visit, the class have already read chapter 1 of my book from my website to prepare them for our session.

When I come into school, I first recite several fun poems I have written for children to get the session off to a good start.

I then ask pupils if they have been to the seaside, and if so, what is washed up on a beach? After discussing this, I show them a photo of myself with the ‘Perranporth Mermaid’ - a mermaid made from recycled materials from the beach who is the inspiration for my book. I also show pictures of the Mermaid's husband and baby, which the class enjoy!

I then hand out books and we read chapters 1 and 2 together. After questions and answers, I show the pupils the whole process of how I made my book, demonstrating the benefits of planning and editing work. I show how I took an initial idea – here I encourage pupils to use their own imaginations – to making a plan and first draft, including plenty of crossings out! Next I show a revision and my typed out manuscript and how I then worked with illustrator Joe Harrison to develop the illustrations for the book. I make this fun and informative – for example showing shorthand writing from my previous job as a journalist, and asking pupils which illustrations they would choose.

The pupils find both the story and the process of making a book fascinating and my workshop can have a beneficial impact on the writing of pupils, especially boys. As well as the educational side, there are plenty of fun elements, such as my poems, listening to seashells and singing Madge and Alan’s songs so hopefully it proves to be a fun and educational session for all!

My workshop lasts between an hour and an hour-and-a-half, depending on questions, and is free to schools within a 50 mile radius of my home in Harrogate (for schools further afield, I charge a negotiable fee to cover travelling costs). Of course, I hope to gain some book sales, which cost £7 each. In most schools, pupils have ordered copies; at others, instead of pupils ordering books, the school itself ordered copies for the school library and this might be a preferred option for your school.

If you think my workshop is something your pupils will enjoy as well as gaining inspiration for their own writing, please email me at stephen.pass@hotmail.com or telephone 01423 521508 to arrange a time and date for me to visit, or if you have any questions.

I look forward to meeting you and your class!


  Stephen Pass and the Perranporth Mermaid
  During his workshop Stephen demonstrates how the illustrations were developed for his book, asking pupils which they prefer.

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