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Madge the Mermaid Series

Nine-year-old Alan is on holiday at his aunt’s when he meets Madge the Mermaid. He gives her a shell heart and she magically becomes alive. Then his life is changed forever...

“It is a charming story…. it has the important ingredients of suspense, danger and ultimately, success. Madge is a wonderful character.”

- Ann Pilling
Children’s author and poet
Winner of the Guardian prize for 'Henry’s Leg' 


Madge has gone from Alan's dreams. He returns on holiday to his aunt's to find out why...

What follows, in Madge the Mermaid and the Attack of the Twins, are more fantastic adventures for Madge and Alan.

There are new characters and twists and turns which lead to an unforgettable ending.


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or at a discounted price of £15.99 for both.

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Madge the Mermaid books

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